Suzanne Renaud

Lyon 1889 - Havlíčkův Brod 1964

Key dates

30 September. Born in Lyon.

Moves to Grenoble, 9 rue Lesdiguières.
Studies at the High School for Girls and the Faculty of Letters in Grenoble.

Army nurse in Grenoble during the war.

Around 1919
Trip to La Louvesc. Meets Joseph Parnin, Charles Forot and the Vivarais writers.

Ta vie est là… [Your Life Is There…] published by éditions du Pigeonnier in Saint-Félicien-en-Vivarais.

In Grenoble, meets Czech poet and translator Bohuslav Reynek, who read Ta vie est là… [Your Life Is There…]
in his country and wants to translate it.

5 January. Suzanne Renaud’s mother dies. This event leaves a mark on all her work.

Zde tvůj život…, Bohuslav Reynek’s translation of Ta vie est là… (Your Life Is There…), is published in Bohemia.
13 March. Marries Bohuslav Reynek in Grenoble.

Winter in Grenoble. Summer in Petrkov, Reynek’s home village.
Daniel (1928) and Michel (1929) are born in France.
Bohuslav Reynek translates and illustrates many poems, which are published in Czechoslovakia.

Pardubice publishes the original edition in French of Ailes de cendre [Wings of Ash] in Bohemia.

Settles permanently in Petrkov, Bohuslav Reynek’s home village.
First winter in Petrkov.

Corbeaux (Crows), translated and illustrated by Bohuslav Reynek.
Political events — the Anschluss (March 1938), Munich (September 1938),
And the invasion of Czechoslovakia (15 March 1939) — have an impact on the poet’s work: Victimae laudes,
published in 1939 by Vlastimil Vokolek, and
Vánoce, a Christmas.

Expelled from Petrkov by the Germans, the Reynek family takes refuge at publisher
Josef Florian’s home in Moravia.

Period of silence in the poet’s personal work. Translates popular Czech poems: “Romarin ou Annette et Jean” [“Rosemary, or Annette and Jean”] (manuscript). Corresponds with writer Henri Pourrat (1947-1959).

Last trip to Dauphiné. Dveře v přítmí [The Grey Door], a collection of old published poems, comes out
in Bohuslav Reynek’s translation. Suzanne Renaud lives in exile until her death.

Poems of her last years: they are not published until 1999, in France.
Prepares the collection L’Aurore invisible [The Invisible Dawn].

21 January. Suzanne Renaud dies in Havlíčkův Brod.