Bohuslav Reynek

Petrkov 1892 - Petrkov 1971

Key dates

31 May. Born in Petrkov, Bohemia.

Finishes studies in Iglau (Jihlava). Writes and publishes poems.
His poetry never ceases to be published in Czechoslovakia during his lifetime.

First trip to France (Brittany).

Meets Moravian publisher Josef Florian.
Discovers Charles Péguy’s work. Translates Trakl.

Many translations of French authors: Charles Péguy, Claudel, Milosz, Francis Jammes, Tristan Corbière. Second trip to France.

Publishes Cahiers de poésie in Petrkov.

Meets poet Suzanne Renaud.

Translation of Ta vie est là… [Your Life is There]
13 March. Marries Suzanne Renaud in Grenoble.

Winter in Grenoble – Summer in Petrkov.
Translates works by La Fontaine, Paul Valéry, Verlaine, Max Jacob, Bernanos, Giono.

Charcoals and pastels: landscapes of Dauphiné, Provence and Bohemia.

First solo shows at Galerie Saint-Louis in Grenoble and Pardubice in Bohemia.

Discovers his favorite technique, printmaking. First drypoints.

Many collections of poems published in Czechoslovakia.
Translates Suzanne Renaud’s latest two collections of poems.

The Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia drives the Reyneks off their estate.
The Reynek family accept the Florians’ hospitality.

Around 1950
Begins the major engraved work: Pastorale, Snow, Job, scenes from the Old and New Testament, Scenes of the Passion, Landscapes of Bohemia, Don Quixote.
His monotype and color technique is very personal.
Because of the political regime, no exhibitions are held in Czechoslovakia between 1929 and 1964.

New exhibitions at Galerie Saint-Louis in Grenoble, organized by friends in Dauphiné.

Show at the Jean Damien bookshop in Grenoble.

Many exhibitions in Czechoslovakia (the Prague Spring).
Soviet troops invade Czechoslovakia (21 August 1968).
Reynek’s art is hidden until the Velvet Revolution (1989).

Show at the Agostiniana Gallery in Rome.

28 September. Dies in Petrkov.

Retrospective at Prague’s City Hall. The poet’s last collection, Odlet vlaštovek [The Swallows’ Departure], forbidden, is published as a samizdat.

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Romarin, a non-profit organisation founded in Grenoble in December 1993, preserves, promotes and calls attention to the poetry and graphic work of the Czech engraver Bohuslav Reynek and Suzanne Renaud, his Grenoble wife.