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Bohuslav Reynek at the Czech Centre of Paris

From 23 February 2017, the Czech Centre of Paris hosts the exhibition Bohuslav Reynek, Don Quixote in Petrkov on its premises at 18 rue Bonarparte. Alongside prints from the album dedicated to Cervantes’ hero—the only copy, put together and presented in Grenoble in 1960 […]

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Our Dreams Will Go by the Wayside…

The City of Grenoble owns a Renaud Reynek collection, unique in France considering its richness and diversity. It started in the early 80’s thanks to Suzanne Renaud and Bohuslav Reynek’s Grenoble friends who successively made donations.

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In Praise of Winter with Bohuslav Reynek

The exhibition “Louanges d’hiver avec Bohuslav Reynek” [In Praise of Winter with Bohuslav Reynek] featured a handful of prints in the ogival niches of the Clos des Capucins Chapel in Meylan, which has a view stretching to snow-covered Belledonne Mountain […]

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For generations, Les Amis de Suzanne Renaud et Bohuslav Reynek have preserved manuscripts, printed matter, letters and photographs that are currently being inventoried.
Over the last 30 years or so, French and Czech authors who are connoisseurs or specialists have carried out research and various studies on the work of Suzanne Renaud and Bohuslav Reynek (theses, lectures, papers at the Académie delphinale).
Articles, reviews and speeches attest to the events that have taken place under the aegis of Romarin or other cultural organizations.

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