Bohuslav Reynek

Petrkov 1892 - Petrkov 1971

Illustrated Catalogue Raisonné of graphic work

This first illustrated catalogue raisonné [illustrated descriptive catalogue], designed with the help of a computer database, provides a way of seeing and understanding the whole graphic work of Bohuslav Reynek in its chronological development. The census of work was collected from 1984 to 2011, essentially in France and the Czech Republic, in public and private collections. The works were identified and technical data established in close collaboration with the artist’s two sons, Jiří and Daniel Reynek, with the curators of the public collections, and specialists on Reynek’s work.

The originality of this database lies in its chronological organisation and its architecture, with links between the pages of works and various external general tables (collections, shows, bibliography), making it possible to follow each work in its specific features. If the work is an engraving, in particular in colour, each print made is considered as a standalone work and is entered as a variant with its own identity, listed in its place of conservation. The catalogue data thus corresponds to an iconographic ensemble that has not been available until now: each catalogue entry of the listed work is accompanied by a visual.


Legal information (Catalogue Raisonné)

In compliance with current copyright law, publisher Romarin has obtained the following authorizations for the making of this catalogue:

• exclusive rights to create this illustrated catalogue raisonné of the graphic Work of Bohuslav Reynek under a publishing contract signed between the artist’s beneficiaries, Jiří and Daniel Reynek, and publisher Romarin and Annick Auzimour, author of the text and database;
• rights to the use of the photos taken by professional photographers;
• reproduction authorizations from the owners of the works.

Bohuslav Reynek (1892-1971). Illustrated Catalogue Raisonné of graphic work: paintings, drawings, engravings

Publisher : Romarin. Les Amis de Suzanne Renaud et Bohuslav Reynek
Author : Annick Auzimour
Contributor : Nathalie Servonnat-Favier, art historian
Iconography : fully illustrated
Presentation : chronological
Languages : trilingual in French, English and Czech (for essential technical data)
Technical medium : computer database

© Illustrations : Beneficiaries of Bohuslav Reynek
© Catalogue : Romarin. Les Amis de Suzanne Renaud et Bohuslav Reynek

Photo credits :
Musée de peinture de Grenoble, Bibliothèque municipale de Grenoble, Moravská galerie v Brně, Galerie výtvarného umění v Havlíčkově Brodě, Alšova jihočeská galerie v Hluboké nad Vltavou, Galerie výtvarného umění v Hodoníně, Oblastní galerie Vysočiny v Jihlavě, Galerie umění Karlovy Vary, Galerie Felixe Jeneweina města Kutné Hory, Oblastní galerie v Liberci, Severočeská galerie výtvarného umění v Litoměřicích, Galerie Benedikta Rejta v Lounech, Galerie výtvarného umění v Náchodě, Východočeská galerie v Pardubicích, České muzeum výtvarných umění v Praze, Národní galerie v Praze, Památník národního písemnictví v Praze, Galerie moderního umění v Roudnici nad Labem. Štěpán Bartoš, Jean-Luc Lacroix, Zdeněk Matyásko, Thierry Passerat, Jean-Pierre Angei, Frédéric Virone.

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