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Bohuslav REYNEK:
Podzimní motýli –
Papillons d’automne
[Autumn Butterflies].

In 1946 Czech publisher Zdeněk Řezníček came out with Podzimní motýli, a collection that remained untranslated into French until now. Benoît Meunier is meeting the challenge of revealing the world of sounds, rhythm and images of these rhyming verses locked up in Reynek’s native language. “Following these Autumn butterflies, the reader does not just witness the metamorphosis of an autumnal landscape. The signs are revelatory: buckets, crimson, sacrifice and the lamb, blood and death are omnipresent… the butterflies of September, wind and fog of October, memories and fading sunlight gradually give way to the first frosts of November, to cemeteries, to the dead, to the litanies of the saints: the entire collection converges on the deafening din of the Apocalypse in the Last Judgement ending, in calm and silence, in a single, light Trace left by a bird on the snow: the bird has flown away, the promise of a Return.” (Benoît Meunier, postface).

Format 12,5 x 19 cm.
96 pages. Softbound, illustrated cover.
ISBN : 2–910544–18–4

Published by Romarin, Grenoble 2018.
Bilingual edition in French and Czech.
Translated from the Czech by Benoît Meunier.
Postface by Benoît Meunier.
Color illustrations: eleven engravings by B. Reynek.
Published with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Renaud-Reynek Endowment Fund (France).


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