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Bohuslav REYNEK,
Suzanne RENAUD, Jean LEBRAU,
Andrée APPERCELLE: Correspondance – Korespondence.

Czech poet and printmaker Bohuslav Reynek (1892-1971) and his wife, poet Suzanne Renaud (1889-1964), wrote many letters to their friends in France from their home in Petrkov, Czechoslovakia. After the Second World War, Renaud and Reynek began corresponding with Jean Lebrau (1891-1983), who was born and died in Moux, and Andrée Appercelle, who was born in Grenoble, where she lives. Both poets, one lived in a winemaking village in the Aude, a dry and fragrant region, the other in a city nestling in high, snow-capped mountains. Lebrau, a poet–winemaker and a fervent Catholic, enjoyed visiting the monks at En-Calcat Abbey. Appercelle loves animals, supports communism and travelled to Czechoslovakia in the post-Stalin years. United by their art and sense of beauty, the four poets shared their love of nature and humble creatures, their faith in the human soul and their hope for a better world.

Format 12,5 x 19 cm.
248 pages. Softbound, illustrated cover.
ISBN : 2–910544–19–2

Published by Romarin, Grenoble 2019.
Bilingual edition in French and Czech.
Translated from the French by Petr Řezníček.
Notes, chronologies, bibliographies.
Color illustrations: eleven works by B. Reynek.
Black and white illustration within the text: photographs, facsimiles.
Published with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
and the Renaud-Reynek Endowment Fund (France).


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